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Pregnant and bicycling

Cycling is commonplace here in Japan. Everyone does it; kids, grannies, grandpas, buisnessmen in expensive suits, woman, fashionable young people, housewives, teenagers... it's a part of everyday life, cheap and practical.

It came as a surprise to me that several of my Japanese acquaintances have expressed alarm at the discovery that I bicycle while pregnant.
I didn't think anything was out of the ordinary, although I have yet to notice a Japanese woman on a bicycle while pregnant, I'm no extreme cyclist. I cycle to the local shops & parks on a footpath or side of the road a few times a week tops and with my 2 yr old in the child seat on the back of the bike 3/4 of the time. I'm pretty clumsy and have bad balance at the best of times, but I reckon I'm doing pretty good -no accidents or scrapes yet- and it's actually easier to cycle with Miss #3 behind me; smoother ride, better balance. :) I can't ride up hill at all and happily get off and walk my bike uphill whenever I encounter one. Yesterday I noticed our 80-something-year-old neighbour doing the same. Ha ha!

After a few hours of listening to Miss #1's classmates mothers express alarm and concern about cycling while pregnant I decided to look it up and see what all the fuss is about.

Here's what I found:

Bicycle Victoria info

Notice board with good suggestions

So if you're worried about bicycling while pregnant, you don't have to! Just follow these common sense tips and you should be fine:
Stay within your comfort zone
Carry a bottle of water
Don't ride uphill (unless you're a hardcore cyclist)
Drive safely
Running shoes are best (no high heels)
Don't ride on the road
Sit up straight & relax.


Tearz Sakai said...

Hey thats cool I used to do that too and people would say the same thing ha! But I still did it anyways; ) I'm still here hehe! Oh by the way how can I get on to the Mothers Blog? I'm very interested, unless it's private then I understand no prob : )

Kari said...

Hi Tearz,
I sent you an invitation to the blog, it should be in your inbox. :)
I loved the pix of your Okinawa vacation, what fun & you look beautiful in them!

Tearz Sakai said...

Tx's I know I sound so dumb but where do u answer all those questions? Do I write them out my self or is there a place to go and fill them out? Heh I'm still new to all this blog and stuff sorry :( praying for ur recovery and the baby.

our family said...

I cycled while preggers up until the 8th month. Only prob was I kept banging my tummy with the knees. LOL! Thats what I get for riding a mans bike.
Can I have the mothers blog to?

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