Life isn't about getting to the destination

--it's about the journey. So don't think that you have to rush to get to the destination. The destination isn't important; the journey is the important part, what you take time for, what you learn and experience along the way. The journey is also where you find Me and where you learn about Me. That's what life is about, and if you don't take the time to get to know Me, then you will miss the meaning of the whole trip.


Odd socks?

I really do have a good reason for this. See the misshapen foot -the RIGHT foot? Sigh... well its not just cos I have BIG feet, I mean, they might be big but they're not usually THAT ugly!

Just over a week ago I stubbed my toe real hard. But I'm getting ahead of myself and should start at the beginning. It was a difficult morning and things weren't going so well. I paused mentally (but not physically) to hear from the Lord and began receiving instructions about enjoying the moment and doing something different i.e. having a dress up Word time with the girls and acting out our Bible story while dancing to a song. Thinking to receive the rest of my directions on-the-go I began shouting out instructions to Chia & Amelie whilst striding briskly into our room to play an mp3 file. Next thing I knew I had stubbed my toe harder than I ever had in my life (and I'm pretty good at stubbing my toe, I reckon I could get some sort of award for "champion toe stubber.") This beauty below is the bane of my poor toe.

It was hard. Very hard. So hard I couldn't say a single bad word, only mouth "OH!" over and over. My toe was no longer even with my other toes, it was pushed up and onto my foot. It was definitely dislocated and maybe more.

Thankfully DH was home and took me to the doctor right away. My toe popped back into place when I tried walking. Big relief, but it still hurt not to mention was twisted at a 15 degree angle i.e. pointing out towards my pinky toe . The doc was nice and didn't subject me to too much prodding or twisting. He rubbed it a bit, put some cream on and said he didn't think I quite broke it, just hit it very hard, but if it still hurt in a few days I should go elsewhere and get an x-ray. He put a mini cast on, wrapped me up and sent me home.

So now you know what lies beneath & if you should see me wearing odd socks just pretend it's stylish. :) My foot is so fat only one pair of shoes fit me. Sniff sniff. I miss these already!

Anyways, vanity aside, the Lord showed me that this a gift from Him to help me slow down and work with my spirit helpers more. It has had the desired effect, as now Amelie can move faster than me, I have to choose between showering or cleaning the room, and not a day goes by that I don't think of how much I took for granted. I never thought that one little toe could effect my life so much, and I took good health for granted. Now I relate to old people that shuffle past me on the street, and am forced to slow down in general. I know this isn't a big deal, I'm not suffering, I am young, strong, healthy, will heal with time, and am whole in body, but really, think about it. We are so blessed with good health. So VERY blessed.

Another thing the Lord said was along the lines of learning humility through the things we suffer. Oooh, yes Sirree! I most certainly am learning that one, because it is humbling for me to ask others for help with little things, carrying baskets of wet laundry, chasing my kids, walking at a snails pace, asking people to slow down so I don't get left behind etc.

My foot now looks like this:

Yesterday I went to another doctor who was rather suspicious of how I injured my foot and took an x-ray. My toe is fractured and will take 2-3 months to heal completely. It doesn't hurt much now. Please pray I learn humility from this.

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