Life isn't about getting to the destination

--it's about the journey. So don't think that you have to rush to get to the destination. The destination isn't important; the journey is the important part, what you take time for, what you learn and experience along the way. The journey is also where you find Me and where you learn about Me. That's what life is about, and if you don't take the time to get to know Me, then you will miss the meaning of the whole trip.



For the past year I have been a manager in our center/home. I live with 27 people, soon to be 28, ages 0 -50+ years old. But that’s a whole other story that I don’t have time to go into right now. I will post about it later. Let it suffice to say that my life is very busy and I’ll admit, rather unusual.

So back to my thoughts on my journey. As a tall, gangly, and shy 13 yr old I preferred books to people, silence to talking, and doing things alone to being in crowds of people. When I was 13 an uncle and I went to visit an aunt, whom I had never met before. Although she had kids my age none were home at the time and as they had a whole afternoon of business to discuss I was very bored. This aunt, being sharp enough to notice the subtle signs of boredom in young teenagers promptly asked me “What sun sign are you?” she asked. I was taken back but told her. “Oh, then you’re great at organizing!” she told me, and then proceeded to ask me to sort through some boxes in the garage.

Did I do it? Yes, I sorted, wiped, labeled, scrubbed, stacked, and swept until it was spotless and sparkling. She was surprised and thankful, but not nearly as surprised as I. I could do something! I was good at organizing, and look; there were the shelves and empty boxes in the garage to prove it.

Ok, so skip forward to the present. I home school my kids, ages 1-5, but for the first 2 years of Miss 5’s life I had no idea what to do or how to do it. I was random and disorganized and the very thought of planning a regular schedule made me cringe.

2 years ago Dawn joined our center and became The Princesses main teacher, taking a big load off me and I was left with the “Physical Education” “Arts & Crafts” “Home economics” “Life skills” and all those things that don’t need much planning or thinking ahead.

Last year I was voted as Home Manager, (one who manages the center or home that full time members of TFI work and reside in) and I became less involved in my princesses teaching and more involved in managing. It’s been a great year, although a tough one. My Significant Other was gone for almost 4 months and I juggled the three princesses with the help of the fabulous people I live with, which is also another tale that I won’t go into today, but I do want to say that this time as a manager has taught me priceless life lessons, helped me face my fears in many areas, brought out my weak points, taught me to communicate with others, shown me that I can do difficult things, and brought me to a place where I am happy to give up managing and go back to full time teaching of my 3 munchkins, err, princesses.

Anyways, there you have it. The nominations are posted for all to see. The elections will be held tonight and so I do not have long to wait to see the path that my life will take.


Nyx Martinez said...

Hi Kari,

Nice to see your have a beautiful family and Ive admired you ever since I first read your personal testimony in that FSM.

GBY, Belated Happy Mother' Day!

Kari said...

Oh, thats so sweet Nyx! I think you must be thinking of my Significant Others testimony though as I haven't had anything featured in an FSM.
I've always been a fan of your art, it just keeps getting better. Keep it up.

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